While doing marketing you need marketing strategy. Marketing  companies, agencies and forums, both online and in real life, rush to develop tactics without stopping to think about how these relate to their larger business goals.

Regardless of what form of marketing is being considered, social media, mobile or old-fashioned print and direct mail, or how senior the marketers involved, there’s often an irresistible desire to go to straight to tactics. This is because tactics are concrete and therefore easier to wrap one’s mind around. The problem is that the best marketing requires an approach that’s integrated into an organization’s overall business objectives. I’m sure everybody interested in creating marketing strategy is interested in extended marketing strategy.

Firstly you need research and finding all details. Try to analyse your market and understand the needs of customers. Use marketing mix. It is  the combination of all the marketing tools you are going to use to communicate your benefits to your customers, including and for example: advertising, PR, word of mouth, distribution channels, pricing, promotion, which products you’ll sell to them, display in a shop, website, and so on. Identify target customers and try to suits their tastes. Analyse your competitors. Learn about their habbits, strategies and find something useful for yourself. Split your existing and target customers into groups, according to what they need from your business – which will differ. Some will want cost-effectiveness, some quality, some great customer service, and so on.

Take time at the beginning to learn who your potential customers are, and how to effectively please  them. A good marketing plan can help you focus your energy and resources. Don’t base your plan on own perceptions. Try research attempts in order to create ideally constructed plan. Be creative and try to find the best ways for developing your business.